Residential Solar Panels

Installing the best solar panels on homes is a developing trend that is really picking up speed all around the world. It offers the following advantages:

The energy of the future

Residential solar panels for homes is the best way to use clean and renewable energy in your homes and save money in the process. The rooftop panel system converts the solar energy into power you use in a whole day, and with solar battery storage you can extend this usage to all hours. It also lowers your reliance on local utility companies and saves your money each month.

A forward-thinking investment

According to the National Renewable energy laboratory, by investing in solar every dollar in savings also adds $20 to the property value. While this formula will change a bit based on the home itself, location on market conditions the fact remains it is still a win win. In addition, homes with Solar energy systems on average sell 20% faster than comparable homes without solar. If that’s not enough good news considers that over the 25-30 year lifespan of your system, your payment will be locked in at a low easy payment while utility rates continue to increase. So even if you never plan on selling your system will pay for itself many times over during its lifetime.

Responsible, Clean Energy

Besides cost saving with residential solar panels, It also helps in saving the earth. By using clean energy from the sun, It lowers reliance on burning fossil fuels. As fossil fuels emit greenhouse gases and pollute the environment, switching to the solar panel is the best way to protect the environment. In fact if we could capture all the sunshine on earth for just one hour we could produce enough power supply all the planets needs for a year!

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