Solar Panels Installation

Colorado Springs Solar Pros is the best option to invest your funds in a renewable and sustainable energy source. Our solar pros will be glad to address your inquiries and clarify any questions you may have about solar energy. It is our goal to ensure you are comfortable you have made the most informed decision possible. Just submit your questions on contact form on our website or call us today!

After you have committed to going solar, we at Colorado Springs Solar Pros, follow the following process to Solar panel installation Colorado at your location:

Initial Consultation

A solar professional at Colorado Springs Solar Pros helps you determine your home’s energy usage and Solar panel installation Colorado possibilities on your rooftop. Both of these factors are key in determining what size and configuration system will fit your power needs best. When we have a system design that everyone is happy with, our pros offer you different financing options to know which will be best suited to your budget.

Site Analysis

After the consultation, one of our technicians visits your place for a site analysis or site review. During the investigation, our expert personnel ensures the compatibility of your rooftop for the installation. We also determine your electric panel location and  the wiring connections involved. After completing the investigation, our technician forwards the data to the company’s technical department to get the plans and permitting process started. 

Permissions and approvals

In order to have a solar energy system installed at your location, we file all the required paperwork on your behalf with the  local utility companies and the appropriate government agencies. This process will take the most time as approval is out of our control. It depends upon the agencies to approve us to start work on the installation but generally takes 3-5 weeks. 

Install the panel on your rooftops

This is the exciting part! Once the paperwork is all squared away, your property is ready for the solar panel system! Our professional technician team will arrive to install the system. The time taken by the installers depends on the size of your building or property but usually it is complete in a day or two. Once the installation is completed, our solar pros show you everything you need to know to operate your system. 

Turning your system on

After completing the full inspections and installations, our company sent an application to the local utility company. The utility company review the structure and interconnect it to their electrical grid before notifying us to turn the system on for you. Once we got the approval, we activate your solar power system. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of solar energy!

Repair and maintenance

Colorado Springs Solar Pros offers you a complete 25 year warranty and backs it up with on call repair and maintenance. We monitor the production of the system frequently to ensure it works perfectly. Our company makes an account online that tracks the panel system’s functionality weekly, monthly, or half-yearly basis. If you face any issues in the working of the panel system, contact us immediately for assistance!

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