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Solar Panels Colorado Springs

Our company pis proud to offer the top rated Tesla Solar batteries Colorado for your battery storage needs. With names you know, such as  Tesla and  LG you’ll be covered with the back-up batteries tyou need o overcome the nex power outage. We highly recommend these on all of our installations for the simple fact that everyone who has gotten them love them and have no regrets. With the best battery solutions available to you, you can lower your reliance on the grid and keep your house powered even during blackouts. Our Tesla or LG battery back-ups have the following features:

Improve your Energy Independence

Our battery back-up solutions reduce or eliminate the need for electricity that you draw from the grid. Power your house with solar energy collected in your battery, even when the sun goes down. In addition, if you drive an electric car or plug in hybrid your battery is your gas pump!

Resilient Back-up Power

During power outages, our batteries ensure your lights never go out. When the utilities go out they kick in automatically. With control of your system at your fingertips via a mobile app you control when you draw from the grid to avoid peak rates, and monitor your solar energy protection anytime. Most homes can function on battery power for 2 to 2 days, but for larger homes with more power needs keep in mind the Teslas are scaleable up to 10 units!

Battery Protection

At Colorado Springs Solar Pros, we perform the repair and maintenance of the batteries and also offer bumper-to-bumper warranty options.

Protection from Peak Charges

If you live in a locality with the time of use rates, our battery back-ups will automatically configure to protect you from high charges and increase your net metering credits.

Monitoring and Servicing

Our company offer you excellent solar panels but if anything should occur you’re your system we got your back with 24/7 on call service. We have an expert team who are extraordinary skilled at bringing your system back on line in no time.

Our combination solar panel plus back-up batteries offer excellent relief from increasing utility costs and power back-ups during blackouts. Power your home with solar energy dayand night, even when the grid is down, with our add-on battery back-up options.

Colorado Springs Solar Pros offer the best Tesla Solar batteries Colorado in the market. With all the solar incentives and rebates available right now many customers even qualify for our premium LG and Tesla Powerwall solar storage systems for as little $0 down payment. Colorado Springs Solar Pros is committed to offering high-tech solar products, superior services, and flexible financing options to enjoy your switching to renewable energy sources.

If you have battery storage questions such as “how much does Battery Back-up with solar system cost?” or “how do back-up battery options work when the power goes out?” Colorado Springs Solar Pros is readily available to answer any and all questions about our solar systems, solar batteries and financing  options.

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