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Welcome to Colorado Springs Solar Pros. We are proud to serve our community with the most experienced and highly trained technicians in the area. We are highly skilled professionals with years of experience installing residential PV solar panels in the local area. Our company takes pride in offering the best service in Colorado Springs. We have the best Solar panels on the market and always offer our friends and neighbors in the Colorado Springs area the best prices. Before you go solar call us for a free quote to make sure you are getting the best price! We can help inform you about all our solar systems and solar incentives available. As the most experienced guys in town we are well versed in all the various solar incentives available from the City, State or feds. We want to do everything possible to ensure you get the best price possible. 

At Colorado Springs Solar, we have a clear objective of creating a better future for the next generation. We do this by offering the best brands of Solar panels, Solar Battery Storage systems and related equipment in Colorado Springs. Our knowledgeable staff starts with an examination of your area then determines the number of Solar panels required so your new solar power system is sure to meet your power needs. We then recommend a custom-tailored plan and the best Solar equipment for the job. We have top of the line, industry leading panels and  back-up battery systems from brands like Tesla powerwall and LG.  Combining a solar system with a battery backup system is a popular option to eliminate power disruptions. Moreover, they are an excellent way to have off-the-network applications. Call anytime for a hassle-free estimate to see how much you could be saving by making the switch today.

At Colorado Springs Solar Pros the process of getting a shiny new solar energy system at your home begins with an easy friendly  conversation. All the solar power systems we install are customized with your needs in mind. Call today for a quick and easy no obligation estimate to find out how much you could be saving by making the switch today

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    About Colorado Springs Solar Pros

    Colorado Spring Solar Pros is the leading local Solar Company in the local area. We have years of experience in solar panel installation across the Colorado Springs & Denver region. Our company’s foremost goal is to make the homeowner’s lives better by reducing their utility bills, providing an unbeatable experience, and enhancing their experience with clean and abundant renewable energy sources. Our company has the following values:

    • We create and maintain a high-trust culture with clients. Integrity first.
    • We offer efficient and effective services. Excellence in all we do.
    • We are working continuously on improving our services to the clients. Service before self.

    2020 isn’t all bad, it’s actually an excellent time to switch to solar energy in Colorado as it receives sunlight for 300 days in a year. Colorado Springs Solar Pros is a full-service local provider. We take pride in our workmanship and equipment quality and stand behind it with a bulletproof bumper to bumper 25-year guarantee. In addition, our organization offers the best financing options in the area to make switching to solar power a no brainer.

    So if you are searching for a state of the art Solar panels system at your home, back-up batteries, solar panel rooftops, and inverters, get in touch with us today to get the most outstanding quality and customer experience in Colorado

    Solar Installation Services

    Colorado Spring Solar Pros provides excellent quality Solar power systems custom designed according to your requirements. For the most highly rated quality solar panel installation in central Colorado, get in touch with us today! You’ll be glad you did.

    • Top of the line Solar equipment
    • The best solar installation techs in the Area
    • Unbeatable prices and Guarantee


    Solar Panels Colorado Springs
    Solar Panels Colorado Springs
    Solar Panels Colorado Springs
    Solar Panels Colorado Springs
    Solar Panels Colorado Springs
    Solar Panels Colorado Springs

    How Solar Works

    To get the perfect solar system to meet your needs, we start with educating our clients about all the options available so they can make the best decision. Once you have an ideal system in mind we get to work designing the system to meet your homes location and unique attributes as well as your projected energy needs. We will ask for a copy of your utility bill to make the most accurate estimate possible. Getting  your Solar panel System is a mix of your power requirements, and scaling the system to make financial sense as well. It therefore is in both our best interest at this point to offer easy financing options, and leverage every solar incentive available. Coming up next are the highlights of installing power systems: 


    Solar Panels Colorado Springs

    Solar Panel Installation

     The energy of the future is yours today at Colorado springs Solar Pros!

    Adding solar panels for homes is the best way to use clean and renewable energy in your homes and save money in the process. The rooftop panel system installation process starts with us lining up all the permits which generally takes 3-6 weeks. Once approved we will handle the solar panel installation in a day or two, and inform the county that it is prepared for final inspection. Then comes the fun part, once approved you can flip the switch and be energy independent. This is when we will go over everything you need to know about the operation and management of your lean green energy generating machine.

    Solar Batteries

    Solar battery back-up system is a necessity for many customers. It is the best choice to have a battery back-up alternative with your Solar panels as it makes your system truly 24/7 power independent. These batteries store electricity for usage at night or whenever the grid is not working as a result of bad climate conditions. Also, it removes any concern when you have loved ones living with you who rely on medical devices, not to mention the odds of food decay because of utility blackouts. There are many reasons our customers want to keep their power on, and with a battery backup ready to kick in during any interruption these issues are a thing of the past. This is an extremely popular addition to all the systems we install. In addition we offer the top names in the industry such as Tesla powerwall and LG at deep discounts. We often run specials where we offer them an no additional cost with your installation, so call today to see if you qualify.

    Solar Panels Colorado Springs

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    Colorado Springs Solar Pros take pride in being the top local solar installation company in the area. If you have questions about solar, what are the best solar panels and why, the pros and cons of adding a battery backup to your system, what solar incentives are available in our area etc. get in touch with us! Our skilled professionals are help you through the different choices and answer every question about putting your cash back in your pocket and saving money with solar. Call today or simply try out our solar calculator and well get back to you with your no obligation estimate.


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